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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers, designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the driving instruction industry. It is recommended by the motor insurance industry many of whom offer discounts on your premium.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test due to a lack of driving experience - this is where Pass Plus comes in!

It’s made up of six practical modules:

Town driving

Town driving

All weather driving

All weather driving

Driving out of town

Driving out of town

Night driving

Night driving

Driving on dual carriageway

Driving on dual carriageways

Driving on motorways

Driving on Motorways

It involves at least 6 hours practical tuition and benefits in a number of ways:

Driving experience

enabling you to gain quality driving experience safely.

Driving skills

helping you to become a more skilful driver.

Safe driving

teaching you to develop a safe, enjoyable Positive Driving style.

Reduce risk of accidents

reducing the risk of you being involved in an accident.

Reduce insurance premiums

saving money on your insurance premiums - check with individual insurance company.

Anyone who holds a full UK licence is eligible to take part in the scheme. You will not have to take a test at the end of the course but you will be continually assessed and must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard.

The cost.

A basic course costs 190.00, based on 6 hours tuition. If more than 6 hours are needed this could increase. The benefits of Pass Plus are such that the saving on insurance premiums is frequently more than the cost of the course 

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