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What to Expect from Linnet Driving Tuition

Before your first lesson I find it to our mutual advantage to take a few minutes to discuss your specific needs and requirements. This will help me to judge the level of driving tuition required and how to plan your first lesson.

It could be that you are a new learner driver who has never driven at all, in this case the first lesson would begin with a brief explanation about the controls of the car beginning with when you enter it for the first time.

If you are a driver with some experience, possibly with family or friends or if you started to learn and did not continue, the level of tuition would begin at a different level.

You could even be someone who has recently qualified but would like to gain experience beyond that required to pass the test such as motorway or dual carriageway driving, country roads, town driving, driving at night. In this instance a Pass Plus course would be beneficial. 

Useful tip on this one! - The cost of the course is usually less than the amount saved on your first years insurance.

If you are a qualified driver who has not driven for some years or someone needing to have a driving assessment for a change of job or personal circumstances, again the tuition would be planned accordingly.

Once we had decided on the most suitable level of driving tuition we would arrange to meet at a suitable time and place, be it home, work, college, bus or train station.

Lesson Prices

Hourly Rate - 24.00 per hour

Block Booking - 220.00 for 10 hours - this is usually 5 X 2  or 4 X 2.5  hour lessons

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